My Top 10 Pieces for Traveling Light while Looking Good


Over the last year of traveling, I’ve been amazed at how little I can bring to still get by on a long-term trip; and how much can really fit in a carry-on if you pack smart. Throughout my process of streamlining, I’ve found some key fashion pieces that I really love to pack (for warm weather trips) because they’re so versatile!

As a result, I’ve decided to make a top 10 list of my favorite travel-fashion pieces that have served me well in the past year. This list ranges from standalone pieces, to accessories, to a pair of shoes that felt like I was walking on a cloud even after a day of sightseeing. I hope at least one of these pieces on the list proves to be helpful for you on your next adventure!

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Yellow Long Sleeve Dress

Can we just acknowledge the gorgeous golden-yellow color of this dress? Yes? Okay cool. Now, beyond the color, the style and make of this dress felt really good to me. It’s a lighter-weight material so you won’t feel too warm; but be aware that if you do sweat, it will eventually show through. This dress is particularly great when traveling to countries with conservative cultures, such as the Middle East (or in my case above, Morocco). The buttons go down to your knees and the dress itself hits about ankle-length.

Linen Shirt (Similar Linked)

I wish I could link this exact shirt, but I actually got it at a street market in Lagos, Portugal! However, this shirt became a fast favorite for the rest of that trip (and beyond). A nice loose linen shirt is great for staying cool in hot-weather destinations; but the fit of the shirt made it both off-shoulder and tuckable, which means I could mix it up.

Tie-Waist Denim Shorts (Similar Linked)

Sorry that I don’t have a better photo of these shorts, but you can see them fully in the accompanying video I’m going to upload to this blog post. These shorts from Loft were a great length (about mid-thigh), relaxed fit, and had a waist-tie feature that instantly made it look more polished.

Black Cami Bodysuit (Similar Linked)

Ugh, I hate when this happens: the original style of this bodysuit is no longer sold online, and that’s crazy to me because it’s so good. It’s a nice, sturdy fabric with good straps, and it has clasps on the bottom with a thong back. I have worn this bodysuit too many times to count, with multiple types of bottoms (even with a sarong one night in Portugal when I was feeling cheeky)! I linked a similar one above, but I don’t know if it can live up to the O.G.

Linen Tie-Waist Trousers (Similar Linked)

Although linen is wrinkle-prone, I truly think these trousers are a staple for warm-weather travel if you want to look a bit more put-together. Originally from Uniqlo, I’ve had these for over a year and find myself defaulting to them way too often once the weather warms up. Uniqlo is seasonal, so these aren’t currently in stock on their website; but they will probably come back in the spring/summer!

Black Maxi Skirt with POCKETS!

Hurray! This maxi skirt is not only still in stock on Shein’s website, but it has what every girl yearns for in cute clothing: POCKETS. The ruched waist also means it stays in place like it’s supposed to (versus slipping down your waist) and you can tie up the bottom of the skirt and knot it for a slightly different look!

Black Sneakers with Memory Foam Soles

Originally found at DSW (and still available on Amazon) these Puma sneakers were a lifesaver throughout that Spain/Portugal/Morocco trip!! This particular style of Pumas is made with memory foam, which means my feet felt great even if I was walking all day. The sleek design also makes for a streamlined look vs. adding bulk like some other sneaker designs can.

Convertible Bag

I LOVE this bag from Aldo so much and already dread the day when I’ve worn it beyond repair. I don’t think I’ve brought any other going-out purse on my travels since I got this nifty bag. Although it’ll be a bit too small if you have a bunch of stuff to fit, this purse by Aldo can be a cross body OR a belt bag depending on how you configure the straps! It’s come in such handy, because I can use it both ways based on what the occasion calls for. The tassel is also removable, which is very helpful if you don’t want it in the way of your partying. 😉

Floral Skirt

This gorgeous and versatile skirt from Amazon quickly became one of my favorites on a combined trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, and for good reason. This particular pattern works as a bright neutral and paired well with a variety of shirt styles and colors.

Packable Sun Hat (Similar Linked)

This sunhat came in such handy both in Thailand and on the S/P/M trip! It sounds too good to be true, but the hat is actually rollable and packable – so it’s great for carry-on travel. It seems that my original style is not sold anymore, but I’ve linked a similar style above from the same Amazon seller I bought mine from.

BONUS: Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses

I had to give you guys one more accessory to keep on your radar! I love a good cat-eye when it comes to both my makeup and my (sun)glasses, and this style went with so many different outfits. They’re relatively sturdy too – just handle them with care to prolong their usability.


So, which of these travel pieces is your favorite? Did you find this list helpful? I’d love to know!

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