One Girl, One Life, Many Dreams

Junior Ferreira

Hello there!

What does one even write for their first blog post? There’s so much that I’d like to say…but I have to give you something to come back to, of course. Maybe I could provide a little more insight on my mind, and my life?Sure, let’s go with that.One thing to know about me is that my mind sometimes likes to go in a bunch of different directions. One day I’ll get excited about writing a song, because I finally have an idea and a melody in my head. But then I get writer’s block, stop, and just want to drop everything and watch Impractical Jokers (TruTV, pranks by middle-age life-long friends, I recommend it). Or, I’ll be really excited about getting back into acting with some improv classes – more on that another day – but at the same time want to make headway on starting my own business someday.

Don’t get me wrong – once I decide on an idea and make a focused effort to work on it, I make progress. But at the back of my mind, the wheels keep turning on the other projects.

A common idea in our society is that one person can’t “do it all”. It’s considered far better to be a master versus a jack of all trades, and those who do try to do “everything” often get scorned or doubted in their abilities. For certain fields and subjects, I agree that it’s a pretty good idea to be as close to master-status possible. But I also believe in living life to the fullest. Do what you love, to the best of your ability. And, if you love doing a wide variety of things but you can’t quite decide what to settle on for the rest of your life (hi, me), then do it in phases. Do a little bit at a time, and switch it up every so often. Especially if you’re college-age, in your 20s – heck, even if you’re way past that. In the end, it’s your life and you’ll have to live with it. Wouldn’t you rather try and fail, than always wonder, “what if”?

Well, I know that I would. If I have it my way, I will dabble in all of the little things I love. This blog is one step towards nurturing my love of writing. Hopefully you’ll stick with me on this journey of musings, and learn about a few more of my “loves”. 

On this blog, you can expect a mix of day-to-day occurrences; little anecdotes from my childhood; stories of past travel and dreams of future travel; and the occasional exploration of deeper subjects.

If you ever have questions, ideas for my next topic, or want advice from an online stranger (I’ll do my best), feel free to head over to the Contact page and send me a message!

Be ever witty and wishful,


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